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Avant-Garde uses of Concrete

One person who is essentially audacious and essentially basking in the artistic bigger picture is India Mahdavi.
the interior designer. India Mahdavi is the reigning queen of colour. “It’s the best way to bring sunshine into a space,” says the Paris-based interior designer.

She is very much the person Dr Seuss (probably) would have had in mind when outlining the whimsical, original characters and shapes of his books. Like Seuss, the pieces she includes are almost zoomorphic, transcending basic functionality and taking on a character of its own. One stunning example of this are pink, velvet cushioned chairs she chose for London’s Sketch gallery and restaurant. Plush, tongue-like and sumptuously puffy, these chairs alongside their matching benches make one feel as if they are simultaneously being gobbled up or luxuriously pampered.
That is the charm of India Mahdavi. There are perennial flickers of childhood that appear all over her work and give the impression that this artist is having fun. From her colour schemes to the metamorphosis of static items reminiscent of childhood novels of fiction, her work reflects an imagination that has been realised. As I mentioned before, it takes a real craftsperson to be able to actualise a bigger, artistic picture. This requires great attention to detail and vision that extends beyond theme, motif and external inspiration. Mahdavi’s work is both original and tasteful. In her artistic diligence and skill, she has left an indelible mark on the world of interior design that has fortunately, not gone unnoticed